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The FastRack System!

By ritchiesadmin on October 25, 2016 in Latest News

Made from Food Grade HDPE, these racks are dishwasher safe.

FastRack 24 racks hold 24 12oz bottles & Fastrack 12 racks holds 12 Beer and Wine Bottles of various sizes.

These racks and trays take up minimal space and can be stacked up to 10-high for compact storage. The inside of the bottles do not make contact with racks ensuring sanitary drying conditions.

Once you pick up a FastRack you’ll never go back to bottle trees!


Promotional material downloads:

FastRack 24 PNG

FastRack 12 PNG

FastRack 24 Rack Only PNG

FastRack 12 Rack Only PNG

FastRack 24 Tray Only JPEG

FastRack 12 Tray Only PNG



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